What is Behavior Design?


Behavior Design is a new approach to understanding human behavior and how to design for behavior change

My research team at Stanford coined this phrase — "Behavior Design" — in 2010 while we were creating the Behavior Wizard project and 15 guides about behavior change.


Today, after 8 years of more innovation, Behavior Design now offers you a comprehensive set of models and methods. The purpose of Behavior Design is to empower you to create solutions that help people become happier and healthier


Behavior Design is new and unique. You can't yet learn it in books, journals, or online (these materials are in process).


Today, the only way to learn Behavior Design is to enroll in my courses at Stanford or to join me at a training event, such as those below. 

Stanford Masterclass in Behavior Design (one day)


People outside of Stanford can join trainings my lab offers to innovators creating products and services.  


These events help to raise money so my lab can offer an internship program in 2019. Even so, we offer scholarships for people working in nonprofits or who are full-time educators. 

Interested in learning about future trainings? Please email me at bjfogg@stanford.edu

Hey, I'm serious about you getting in touch with me. First, email me. We'll then talk on the phone. I want you to be sure that learning Behavior Design is right for you.

Behavior Design Boot Camp (two days)

About once a month I run a Behavior Design Boot Camp. 

Boot Camp is two intensive days of learning my Behavior Design models and methods. It’s an experience people describe as pivotal and transformative — a game-changer. When you leave Boot Camp, you’re ready to apply what you've learned immediately. You will have insights and skills to solve significant problems we face today in health, financial wellness, civic engagement, and learning.

See more about upcoming Boot Camps: Apply now for Boot Camp

Check out what graduates of Boot Camp report: Read what people say

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