BJ Fogg, PhD

Behavior Scientist at Stanford University

I am a behavior scientist, with deep experience in innovation and teaching. At Stanford University I run a research lab. I also teach my models and methods in graduate seminars.


On the industry side, I train innovators to use my work so they can create solutions that influence behavior. The focus areas include health, financial wellbeing, learning, productivity, and more. 


I wrote a seminal book, Persuasive Technology, about how computers can be designed to influence attitudes and behaviors. That book, together with my early experiences, inspired an annual global conference on the topic.


Fortune Magazine named me a "New Guru You Should Know" for my insights about mobile and social networks. 

I devote about 50% of my time to Stanford and 50% to industry innovation. For me, working in both worlds makes sense: My Stanford work makes me better in industry. And what I learn in industry improves my Stanford research. I’m always happy to help other innovators. (See how to book time with me here.)

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